Red 1 Midget Mustang
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The Midget Mustang ZK-DDC was hand built from blueprints by Jack Reeves. Finished in September 1975, it took 5 years to complete.
It is powered by a 100 horse power Rolls Royce engine with a 60 inch - 68 pitch wooden propellor.
Jack figured it cost him about $6000 plus a lot of time.

Photo of Jack Reeves & ZK-DDC
Article in local newspaper about Jack building ZK-DDC
Finish of article in local newspaper
Photo with article
Article written in Local newspaper
End of article
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I brought DDC in 1991 because Jack was having less and less time to fly. I on the other hand had not much else on my mind. I received my Private Pilots License in 1990 and spent much time in the local aero clubs aerobatic rated Cessna 152.
I almost couldn't believe Jack wanted to sell - I had always liked how she looked but thought Jack would keep it forever.
The first flight I had was more than interesting! Jack gave me all the advice he could but really, it was all up to me. DDC hadn't been flown in a while.
While I was circling Jeep Base, the engine coughed a bit to much, so I flew into Hamilton airport to have DDC looked over.
It turned out that sitting un-used for great lengths of time the fuel floats had turned into fuel "sinks"
This minor problem out of the way, it was full steam ahead. Out of all the aircraft i have flown( and there's been a few) the tang has by far been the most challenging to master, but in saying that once you have learned to except her conditions there is no other plane that gives me more pleasure or is more pleasurable to fly ( a 4G loop can easily be achieved by using no more that your little finger.

One proposed modification for DDC
I'm very impressed with DDC's performance
Instrument Panel in Flight

Midget mustang DDC is now the only one of its kind in New Zealand

DDC 1975, and a 1966 Ford Mustang                                         Two red Mustangs 2006

Gibsons beach May 2000


     ready fo take off                                                                    The tang over the east cost of N.Z.

In the shadow of its big brother, the P51 mustang                            The tang and the P51 share the same wing and tail feathers, scaled down

Two of a kind, Shellie Dawn and the tang

                                                                 My Father Tom Krippner, Jack Reeves & Myself on the day of purchase.

JACK REEVES AND THE PLANE HE BUILT 2004            JACK AND HIS MUSTANG... (sadly Jack Reeves passed away 20-6-04) but it will always be

Click here to see the build of a 1/4 scale version of DDC

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